Potentially harmful 'trip-killers' to cut short 'bad' drug trips, emerging

Doubtlessly dangerous ‘trip-killers’ to chop brief ‘unhealthy’ drug journeys, rising concern, warn medical doctors

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The usage of doubtlessly dangerous ‘trip-killers’ to chop brief ‘unhealthy drug journeys’ after taking psychedelics, akin to LSD or magic mushrooms, is an rising concern, warn medical doctors in a analysis letter, printed on-line in Emergency Drugs Journal.

Their evaluation of related threads on the social media platform Reddit, reveals that medicine akin to benzodiazepines (sedatives) and antipsychotics are the choices most continuously really helpful, however warnings about their potential unwanted side effects are hardly ever included, they spotlight.

The depth of a psychedelic drug journey may cause misery, agitation, and even psychosis, level out the authors, citing latest analysis indicating that greater than 8% of drug-related attendances at European emergency care departments contain psychedelic medicine.

And this proportion could very effectively improve because the scientific use of those brokers expands, they recommend.

One of many methods to chop brief, or reduce the depth of, a nasty journey and keep away from doubtlessly requiring hospital remedy, is to take further thoughts altering medicine, dubbed ‘trip-killers.’

Though not new, this feature has gained a lot higher traction on social media in recent times, word the authors, who did a scientific key phrase search of Reddit, searching for related threads in English to achieve a greater understanding of trip-killer use.

They discovered 128 threads created between 2015 and 2023, yielding a complete of 709 posts.

Prime of the league desk, with 440 suggestions, amounting to almost half (46%) of all of the trip-killers talked about in posts, have been varied benzodiazepines, adopted by a number of completely different antipsychotics (171;18%).

One in 10 suggestions have been for antidepressants, whereas one in 20 have been for alcohol. Opioids, antihistamines, natural treatments, akin to camomile and valerian, and prescribed sleeping drugs, attracted 3% every. Hashish and cannabidiol every took 2% of the vote share.

Journey-killers have been largely mentioned in reference to countering the results of LSD (235 suggestions), magic mushrooms (143), and MDMA, popularly often known as ecstasy (21).

Solely 58 posts talked about doubtlessly dangerous unwanted side effects.

“The recognition of benzodiazepines raises issues,” write the authors. “Benzodiazepines are addictive and have been repeatedly implicated in overdose deaths. The doses described on Reddit danger over-sedation, hypotension [low blood pressure], and respiratory despair [stopping breathing or shallow breathing],” they level out.

Doses of one of many really helpful antipsychotics, quetiapine, have been additionally excessive (25–600 mg), they word, with just a few posts differentiating between quick and slower launch formulations.

“Info on trip-killers is not accessible by drug recommendation providers, regardless of the possible dangers they pose,” spotlight the authors.

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Journey-killers: a regarding follow related to psychedelic drug use, Emergency Drugs Journal (2023). DOI: 10.1136/emermed-2023-213377

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Doubtlessly dangerous ‘trip-killers’ to chop brief ‘unhealthy’ drug journeys, rising concern, warn medical doctors (2023, December 20)
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