Padahastasana or hand to foot pose: 8 benefits and how

Padahastasana or hand to foot pose: 8 advantages and easy methods to do it

Padahastasana or hand to foot pose can assist you focus higher and strengthen your stomach muscle tissues. Know key advantages of padahastasana.

Surya Namaskar or solar salutation, which is a mixture of 12 yoga poses, is extensively identified for its well being advantages. Every pose has one thing to supply. Certainly one of them is Padahastasana or Hand to Foot Yoga Pose, which is an efficient yoga asana practised to enhance bodily flexibility, stimulate the nervous system and extra. Learn on to know the advantages of Padahastasana.

What’s padahastasana?

Padahastasana is a yoga asana that entails a ahead bending posture. The identify “Padahastasana” is derived from the Sanskrit phrases “pada,” which means foot, “hasta,” which means hand, and “asana,” which means pose, shares yoga and wellness coach Shivani Bajwa.

Woman doing yoga
Padahastasana is also referred to as hand-to-foot pose. Picture courtesy: Adobe Inventory

Tips on how to do padahastasana?

To do the ahead bending yoga asana, comply with these steps:

• Begin with the mountain pose, together with your toes hip-width aside and arms by your sides.
• Inhale as you raise each your arms overhead.
• Exhale and hinge at your hips, bending ahead from the waist. Preserve your backbone straight as you fold ahead.
• Deliver your palms all the way down to the ground on both aspect of your toes. In case your palms don’t attain the ground, you may bend your knees barely. Attempt to deliver your palms flat to the bottom, putting them beside your toes.
• If attainable, straighten your legs, bringing your torso nearer to your thighs. It’s possible you’ll really feel a stretch in your hamstrings and decrease again.
• Maintain the place for just a few breaths, stress-free into the stretch.
• To launch the pose, bend your knees barely, interact your core, and slowly roll as much as a standing place, one vertebra at a time.

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What are the advantages of Padahastasana or hand to foot pose?

Padahastasana targets many components of the physique, so it’s a very useful asana. Listed below are a number of the advantages:

1. Stretches the hamstrings and calves

Padahastasana entails a deep ahead bend, which stretches and elongates the muscle tissues behind the legs, notably the hamstrings and calves. This can assist you to stroll or run higher.

2. Improves flexibility of the backbone

The ahead bending motion helps to extend the flexibleness of the backbone, says the skilled. This promotes higher vary of movement and reduces stiffness.

3. Strengthens the stomach muscle tissues

Partaking the core muscle tissues in padahastasana helps to strengthen the stomach muscle tissues. This offers help to the backbone and improves general core stability.

4. Stimulates stomach organs

The ahead fold compresses the stomach area, massaging and stimulating the organs within the digestive system. This may contribute to improved digestion, says Bajwa.

5. Calms the nervous system

The inverted place of the pinnacle on this pose can have a chilled impact on the nervous system. So, it could assist to cut back stress and nervousness.

Woman doing yoga
Padahastasana helps to focus higher. Picture courtesy: Shutterstock

6. Enhances blood circulation

The ahead bend promotes blood circulation to the pinnacle and face. This doubtlessly improves oxygen provide to the mind and reduces emotions of lethargy.

7. Encourages mindfulness and focus

Like many yoga poses, padahastasana requires focus and mindfulness. Specializing in the breath and the sensations within the physique in the course of the pose can assist to calm the thoughts and enhance psychological readability.

8. Could help in managing despair

The mixture of bodily motion, deep respiratory and the inversion in padahastasana could contribute to temper enhancement. This will likely assist to handle delicate signs of despair, says the skilled.

Who shouldn’t do padahastasana?

Whereas padahastasana can provide varied advantages, there are specific individuals who ought to keep away from this pose on account of particular well being situations or considerations. Listed below are some concerns for people who may have to keep away from padahastasana:

1. When you have again accidents

Individuals with present again accidents, particularly these involving the decrease again, must be cautious with forward-bending poses like padahastasana. It could be extra appropriate to switch the pose by bending the knees or avoiding deep ahead bends, suggests the skilled.

2. In case you undergo hypertension

People with uncontrolled hypertension could must be cautious with inversions, as the pinnacle is positioned beneath the center in padahastasana.

3. Pregnant ladies

Pregnant ladies, particularly these in later levels of being pregnant, could discover it uncomfortable or difficult to apply padahastasana. Modifications, corresponding to preserving the knees bent, could also be extra appropriate.

4. In case you really feel dizzy

Individuals who expertise dizziness must be cautious with inversions. If these signs are a priority, it’s advisable to skip this yoga pose.

5. Individuals with osteoporosis

Anybody with osteoporosis or low bone density could must be cautious with ahead bends to forestall pressure on the backbone. Modifications, corresponding to utilizing props or preserving a slight bend within the knees, might be thought of.

As with all train or yoga pose, it’s important to hearken to your physique and seek the advice of with a healthcare skilled or a certified yoga teacher when you’ve got any doubts or pre-existing well being points.

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