Oils prescribed by ancient Indian practice can ease scalp woes

Oils prescribed by historic Indian follow can ease scalp woes

Deal with a foul hair day. Take care of dandruff. Carry sheen to your mane. Browse any trend or magnificence journal or weblog and haircare articles will come at you thick and powerful.

Elements similar to a defective food plan, irregular mealtimes, lack of sleep and a sedentary life-style might contribute in direction of unhealthy hair, as may deficiencies of nutritional vitamins B-6, B-12, D-3 or E, biotin and minerals similar to copper.

Genetics, stress, autoimmune ailments, thyroid dysfunction, sinusitis, smoking, anxiousness, solar publicity, and extreme use of hair dyes and warmth devices also can affect hair well being.

Enter Ayurveda.

What’s Ayurveda and the way can it enhance hair?

“Ayurveda, the 5,000-year-old historic Indian different medical follow, focuses on treating the foundation trigger somewhat than the signs,” explains Dr Rajesh Nair, medical director of Ayur Vaidya Ayurveda Clinic in Dubai. “It’s constructed on the premise that our physique is manufactured from the 5 nice components mixed into three doshas: vata (area and air), pitta (fireplace and water) and kapha (earth and water).

“Each particular person has a novel mixture of those three doshas and any imbalance may end up in what we name ‘dis-ease’.”

Dr Reji Raj, an Ayurveda guide at wellness retreat Amal Tamara in Kerala, provides: “In Ayurveda, the well being and situation of the hair is intently associated to the dosha.”

“People whose vata dosha is excessive may have scanty, uninteresting and frizzy hair with cut up ends. These with excessive pitta usually have coppery-brownish hair which may be prone to early greying and dullness, whereas people with kapha dosha normally have black, shiny and thick hair,” he explains.

Ayurvedic practitioners assess a person’s dosha and suggest personalised haircare routines, together with the usage of appropriate oils and hair packs, plus therapies similar to shirodhara and takradhara for wholesome hair, says Dr Raj.

Dosha-appropriate oils

“Head massages maintain a pivotal position in Ayurvedic haircare as they work as pure conditioners for the hair shaft, improve scalp circulation and soothe the central nervous system.” Dosha-appropriate hair therapeutic massage oils are your finest wager.

These with vata dosha can look to sesame or almond oils, which offer much-needed nourishment and moisture, and successfully tackle points similar to dryness and frizz.

These with pitta dosha can select coconut or amla oils, which help promote hair well being, and may stop untimely greying.

People with kapha dosha will profit from mustard oil or natural oils, which supply stimulation whereas stopping extreme oiliness.

Dr Raj shares a hair oil recipe for scalp therapeutic massage.


1 handful curry leaves

10-15 Indian gooseberries (amla)

5-6 shoe flowers

1 bunch ixora flowers

5g black pepper

1 pinch camphor

200ml coconut oil or sesame oil


Mix the curry leaves, gooseberries, shoe flowers, ixora flowers and black pepper right into a paste.

Add the coconut or sesame oil and prepare dinner over medium warmth. Stir sometimes till the froth disappears. Cook dinner for an extra 5 minutes stirring repeatedly.

Permit the combination to chill then switch to a container. Add a pinch of camphor. Therapeutic massage on to scalp frequently.

Addressing frequent hair issues with Ayurveda


Ayurveda cites pores and skin or fungus points on the scalp as the primary cause for dandruff, which then causes flaky pores and skin and itching on the scalp, says Dr Nair.

Ayurvedic therapies for dandruff contain evaluating the kind of dandruff adopted by a tailor-made remedy. “This may occasionally contain light scalp exfoliation via strategies similar to lekhanam, utilising specialised natural medicines or incorporating inside medicine,” says Dr Raj.

Hair loss

Based on the American Academy of Dermatology, it’s regular to shed 50 to 100 hair strands each day. A number of causes, similar to stress, sickness, surgical procedure, childbirth and extra, may cause unnatural hair loss.

Ayurvedic practitioners research the foundation trigger, which may vary from unbalanced doshas to particular well being circumstances, says Dr Raj. “Following this analysis, personalised therapies, exterior applicators similar to the usage of dosha-specific appropriate oils, hair packs and coverings similar to shirodhara and takradhara.”

Dr Nair recommends detox remedy to scrub the intestine, adopted by exterior applicators and natural medicine to keep up wholesome hair and management hair loss.

Uninteresting hair

Hair can lose its sheen as a result of dietary deficiencies, hormonal modifications, publicity to harsh daylight or excessive dry and chilly air, and overuse of harsh devices, chemical therapies or unsuitable hair merchandise.

“Pitta and vata-pitta prakriti people typically have uninteresting hair,” says Dr Raj. “The treatment consists of the prescription of appropriate oils (sesame or almond for vata; coconut or amla for pitta) aimed toward restoring the hair’s pure lustre.”

For untimely greying, Dr Nair prescribes making use of an Ayurveda mixture of mucilage of fenugreek seeds and flax seeds.

Break up ends

Dry, brittle and frayed hair typically leads to cut up ends. Dietary deficiencies, publicity to excessive climate, sleep deprivation and irregular life-style can contribute to this subject.

Common hair trimming helps in combating cut up ends; nevertheless, it doesn’t deal with the underlying trigger to forestall additional harm.

“Ayurveda suggests scalp massages, utilizing oils with vata-alleviating properties to nourish and strengthen the hair shaft,” explains Dr Raj.

Head hygiene

Sustaining every day head hygiene is essential, says Dr Raj, and could be completed by utilizing gentle natural shampoos and pure conditioners similar to aloe vera gel; drying hair with a tender towel; incorporating a weekly hair pack constituted of a paste of neem leaves to advertise a wholesome scalp; and tying lengthy tresses earlier than sleeping with tender hair ties to keep away from breakage.

Dr Nair says whereas oiling the scalp and hair is essential, it’s equally vital to clean off the product correctly in any other case it might probably harm the scalp as a substitute of enhancing it.

Lastly, he emphasises the significance of food plan and metabolism for a wholesome scalp, which vital for hair wellness. Listed here are some meals to hunt out.

  • Fruit and veggies similar to melons, pumpkins, jackfruit, mangoes and Indian gooseberries (amla) for nutritional vitamins and antioxidants
  • Pulses and legumes for protein
  • Raisins, inexperienced leafy greens, sesame seeds and dates for iron
  • Cod liver oil, pumpkin seeds and flax seeds for wholesome fat

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