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How a lot water do you really want? Maintain your physique proud of these hydration suggestions – St George Information

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FEATURE — How a lot water do you drink every day? Usually you’ll hear the “8×8 rule” recited, which means eight 8-ounce glasses or 64 ounces. Or possibly you’ve heard you want an oz per pound of physique weight, however how a lot do you really want?

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Effectively, it relies upon. Elements such age, intercourse, medical situations, exercise degree and general well being play into how a lot water you want. On common, girls want about 11.5 cups of water per day and males want about 15.5 cups. You sometimes get about 20% of the water you want from the meals you eat. Spectacular, huh? Taking that under consideration, girls want about 9 cups of water per day and males want about 12.5 cups.

Hydration wants

You shouldn’t abide by these numbers on a regular basis, although. Your bodily exercise degree, present frame of mind and regular bodily features comparable to urination, bowel actions and sweat all play into your hydration wants.

Do you know that stress or nervousness could cause dehydration? It might! Stress and nervousness could cause your coronary heart fee to extend and your respiration to turn into heavier. One other factor to notice is when you’re pregnant or breastfeeding, you will have to extend your water consumption.

Right here at Create Higher Well being, we at all times suggest water as the primary alternative of beverage. Sports activities drinks are sometimes touted as an efficient method to enhance hydration and whereas that could be true for a really lively athlete, for the common particular person, water is the most effective wager! Try to keep away from high-sugar or high-calorie drinks. Drinks containing sugar, alcohol or caffeine can enhance your physique’s water as a result of they carry out like a diuretic which will increase urine manufacturing and may dehydrate your physique.

Take heed to your physique

Take heed to your physique. For those who really feel thirsty, that may be a signal you must drink some water. Esther Ellis, MS, RDN, LDN, an contributor, suggests some sensible methods to observe hydration:

“Urine shade. The colour of the primary morning’s urine void after awaking is an general indicator of hydration standing. Straw or lemonade-colored urine is an indication of acceptable hydration. Darkish-colored urine, the colour of apple juice, signifies dehydration. Brilliant urine typically is produced quickly after consuming vitamin dietary supplements.”

“Sweat loss. Change in physique weight earlier than and after train is used to estimate sweat loss. Since an athlete’s sweat loss throughout train is an indicator of hydration standing, athletes are suggested to observe custom-made fluid substitute plans that think about thirst, urine shade, fluid consumption, sweat loss and physique weight modifications that happen throughout train.”

60% of your physique is product of water

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Your physique is filled with water! Water helps your physique operate correctly. Dehydration could cause a wide range of issues and may occur simply. Anytime you bodily exert, your physique you’ll lose some water. You don’t even need to sweat or be in a scorching or humid local weather to turn into dehydrated.

Since we’re in Utah, take snowboarding for example. It may be actually chilly! Chances are you’ll not have any seen sweat if you’re all bundled up in these snow garments, however that doesn’t imply you gained’t turn into dehydrated.

Dehydration additionally will increase your danger of kidney stones and urinary tract infections, to not point out constipation, none of which sound very enjoyable.

Indicators of dehydration

For those who’re apprehensive about dehydration or don’t know what to search for, listed below are some warning indicators:

  • Thirst.
  • Flushed pores and skin.
  • Fatigue.
  • Elevated physique temperature.
  • Quick respiration.
  • Elevated pulse fee.
  • Decreased train capability.
  • Dizziness.
  • Weak point.
  • Labored respiration.

Staying hydrated

For those who wrestle to remain hydrated or don’t at the moment drink sufficient water, attempt the following pointers:

  • Make water your beverage of alternative.
  • Drink water all through the day and with meals.
  • Carry a water bottle with you.
  • Add a taste enhancer comparable to lemon or lime if water hasn’t at all times been your first alternative.

Joyful hydrating!

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