Home remedies for dandruff: Does using coconut oil and lemon

House cures for dandruff: Does utilizing coconut oil and lemon work?

Pesky, flaky white bits on hair should not precisely anyone’s thought of enjoyable! Whereas it’s not a really harmful well being drawback, it may be fairly annoying to have dandruff due to all of the itching it causes. Since dandruff is among the commonest scalp circumstances, it’s not uncommon for grandmothers and moms to give you some intriguing house cures. One such house treatment that has been handed down for generations is utilizing coconut oil blended with lemon for dandruff. Whereas mothers have the most effective cures up their sleeves, let’s discover out if utilizing coconut oil and lemon for dandruff is a good suggestion or not.

Do you know that dandruff manifests on an oily scalp? Research recommend that dandruff feeds on the oils your scalp produces. The oil that accumulates and builds up on the scalp may cause dandruff. Whereas the most typical trigger is believed to be not shampooing your hair sufficient, it’s not the one reason behind dandruff. It’s not a critical illness nevertheless it shouldn’t be left untreated as it will probably trigger the scalp to get actually dry and itchy. Additionally, you need to use house cures to eliminate dandruff, however every thing you utilize may not be just right for you. Living proof: coconut oil and lemon for dandruff.

how to get rid of dandruff
Not each hom treatment helps you eliminate dandruff. Picture courtesy: Shutterstock

Does utilizing coconut oil blended with lemon for dandruff work?

Elevate your hand if in case you have ever used coconut oil and blended lemon in it to eliminate dandruff. Whereas many individuals may use it, Dr Seema Oberoi Lall, Marketing consultant Dermatologist at CK Birla Hospital in Gurugram, recommends to not use it for dandruff. Quite a few elements similar to dry pores and skin, fungal overgrowth, or different underlying circumstances may contribute to dandruff. “It’s not a good suggestion to make use of any sort of oil for dandruff as a result of it often breeds on an oily scalp due to the colonization of a fungus known as Petrospora Cell. So, for those who apply coconut oil on a scalp that has dandruff, it would solely worsen the issue,” she explains.

Whereas coconut oil nay be dangerous for an oily scalp, including lemon to the combination, is even worse for somebody coping with dandruff, says Dr Lall. For a scalp that has bought some rashes or seborrheic dermatitis or some irritation on it, lemon will make it sting. So it’s not a good suggestion to make use of these collectively in your scalp if in case you have dandruff.

The way to eliminate dandruff!

House cures might not be the most effective resolution for a scalp full of dandruff. Research have discovered that not shampooing your hair correctly or repeatedly can result in the onset of dandruff. The dermatologist suggests that folks ought to concentrate on cleansing their scalp correctly as an alternative of placing oils on their scalp which clearly doesn’t want it. Lather the shampoo correctly and wash your hair totally to eliminate dandruff. This must be sufficient to clear your scalp of any dandruff, recommends the dermatologist.

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Shampoo your hair correctly to eliminate dandruff. Picture courtesy: Shutterstock

She additionally suggests that folks ought to keep away from utilizing shampoo which can also be a conditioner. Select a shampoo that’s solely that – a shampoo. Each are designed to do two totally different jobs and it is best to use them individually. If you wish to add, you may select zinc parathyroid, also referred to as ZN2O, which is an over-the-counter treatment that may assist you to take care of dandruff. Nevertheless, if this doesn’t assist, you could seek the advice of a dermatologist to get correct remedy.

They’ll present customized suggestions primarily based in your particular scalp situation and should recommend various therapies if mandatory, says the physician.

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