Chandra Namaskar: Benefits and how to do it

Chandra Namaskar: Advantages and find out how to do it

Moon salutation can help in harnessing the cool, calming, and artistic vitality of the moon. Right here is find out how to do Chandra Namaskar.

Most of us know the Solar Salutation which is also referred to as Surya Namaskar however are you aware that there’s a Moon salutation, which is also referred to as Chandra Namaskar? Moon salutations help in enjoyable and soothing the physique, this yoga asana is especially helpful to carry out within the night. This place is peaceable, and contemplative in nature and facilitates the event of a robust connection to the breath, getting ready the physique and thoughts for a sound sleep. Listed below are the advantages of moon salutation and find out how to do it!

What are the advantages of Chandra Namaskar?

Chandra Namaskar is a lullaby – a soothing invitation for our physique, thoughts, and spirit to search out internal peace. “It’s a mixture of 14 completely different asanas that assist create a way of grounding and rest,” says yoga coach Saurabh Bothra.

Listed below are a few of the advantages:

Advantages of Chandra Namaskar to your physique

It helps you quiet down. There’s one thing referred to as ‘Pitta’ in Ayurveda and it’s liable for physique warmth. Usually, this physique warmth helps the physique’s metabolism. However when this warmth will increase, it causes ‘pitta dosha’, which is thought to trigger an imbalance in our our bodies. Practising mild actions and deep breaths of Chandra Namaskar helps to scale back this inside warmth. It stretches and strengthens your backbone, hamstrings and different muscular tissues. Constant practise improves flexibility in varied muscle teams.

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Woman doing Ardha Chandrasana
Chandra Namaskar helps to chill down. Picture courtesy: Adobe Inventory

It helps with hormonal imbalance. Chandra Namaskar helps a extra balanced endocrine system by regulating hormones and easing menstrual discomfort.

Performing Chandra Namaskar gently massages our inside organs, which in flip, aids digestion and reduces stomach-related points.

Advantages of Chandra Namaskar to your thoughts

Chandra Namaskar helps calm down your thoughts, which makes it a strong instrument for stress aid, selling psychological readability, and lowering nervousness.

Whereas practising Chandra Namaskar, there’s a deeper connection between physique, breath and thoughts. This connection improves consciousness and encourages mindfulness.

Common practise can promote a extra steady and balanced emotional state. It additionally prepares your physique for restful nights by calming down the nervous system.

How you can do Chandra Namaskar?

Each Surya Namaskar and Chandra Namaskar start with a prayer pose. In case you are aware of the previous, the latter will likely be simpler than you suppose. In case you are not acquainted, don’t fear, simply observe these steps.

1. Stand tall, ft grounded collectively on the ground. Really feel the connection to the earth and calm down your physique.
2, After bringing the palms in prayer place, increase the arms above the top.
3. Breathe in and bend your higher half of the physique barely backward. (Keep away from bending an excessive amount of you probably have any again or neck-related points).
4. Out of your hips, bend ahead whereas respiration out. Your backbone must be as straight as doable. Place your arms on the ground or contact your ft. Attempt to carry your brow near your knees. You may bend your knees and attempt to strengthen them slowly.
5. Step again with one leg, one knee bent, the opposite leg straight, entrance heel pressed down. Your sole must be dealing with the ceiling. Lookup and lengthen your backbone. That is the Ashwa sanchalasana pose. Preserve it, increase your arms, and stretch backward barely. You’ll kind a delicate curve from the tip of your fingers to the tip of your toes, forming an Ardha-Chandra.
6. Now carry your arms down, palms touching the bottom. Convey your ft again collectively and go in a plank place. Your legs, hips, and torso must be in a single line.
7. Decrease your knees, chest, and chin to the mat whereas protecting your palms and ft in place. Maintain your elbows bent and near your chest, lifting your hips and stomach off the mat. Exhale deeply.
8. Now maintain the arms and ft the place they’re and lift the chest for Bhujangasana whereas inhaling.
9. Exhale and use your arms to elevate your hips in a mountain form. Your arms must be as aside as your shoulders and ft must be shut collectively.
10. From right here, we are going to repeat the asanas with the opposite leg. Convey the opposite leg ahead and go into the Ashwa sanchalanasana pose.
11. Inhale and arch backwards to kind Ardha-Chandra.
12. Exhale and produce the ft collectively standing on the ground. Your arms ought to contact your ft and brow must be nearer to the knees.
13. Inhale and are available as much as a standing place. Stretch your arms backward and push the pelvis in entrance.
14. Breathe out and are available again to the very first prayer pose.

Make sure that to focus in your breath. As a newbie, you’ll be able to repeat these steps 3 to 4 occasions. In case you face any sort of discomfort, take heed to your physique and take a break.

Is it essential to do Chandra Namaskar after Surya Namaskar?

It’s not a should to carry out Chandra Namaskar proper after Surya Namaskar. It’s extra of a suggestion than a requirement. Incorporate Chandra Namaskar into your routine at your comfort. It may well provide stability to the energising results of Surya Namaskar. Don’t really feel pressured to practise Chandra Namaskar after Surya Namaskar. Simply take heed to what your physique says and benefit from the course of.

Woman doing yoga
Don’t really feel pressured to practise Chandra Namaskar after Surya Namaskar. Picture Courtesy: Shutterstock

What’s the apt time to do Chandra Namaskar?

Historically talking, Chandra Namaskar is to be practised within the night, ideally within the moonlight. This aligns with the moon’s vitality and prepares you for restful sleep. Nevertheless, be at liberty to adapt to your routine. Whereas morning practise can provide calmness and allow you to keep centered all through the day, a noon session could be a soothing break out of your busy day.

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