Blue Tea: What is it, Benefits, How to Make it,

Blue Tea: What’s it, Advantages, The way to Make it, Facet Results

Because the identify implies, blue tea is a beverage with a powerful blue hue. Blue tea has turn into a well-liked natural tea pattern in recent times, due to its quite a few well being advantages it gives. It’s identified for bettering coronary heart and mind well being in addition to having anti-diabetic and anti-cancer results. Allow us to inform you extra about well being advantages of blue tea.

What’s blue tea?

Blue tea, also called butterfly pea flower tea, hails from South Asia. The tea is made by brewing the intense blue petals of the Clitoria ternatea L. plant which can be used as a pure meals dye. Different widespread names are cordofan pea and Asian pigeonwings.

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Blue tea is wholesome. Picture courtesy: Adobe inventory

What are the advantages of ingesting blue tea?

Blue tea is excessive in antioxidants, significantly anthocyanins. Antioxidants assist within the physique’s protection towards free radicals and oxidative stress, each of which might hasten the ageing course of and trigger continual sicknesses, says nutritionist Chhavi Rohilla.

  • Butterfly pea flower tea incorporates compounds that will have anti-inflammatory qualities. This may increasingly assist to decrease irritation within the physique, which is linked to a variety of well being issues.
  • In Ayurveda, blue tea is believed to have cooling qualities. It’s good for individuals with a “Pitta” structure or these with heat-related or inflammatory sicknesses, as it’s continuously taken to assist chill the physique and stability extra warmth.
  • It’s also used because of its doable anti-ageing advantages on the pores and skin and basic vitality.
  • Blue tea is well-known for its stress-free and stress-relieving results. Its doable interplay with mind chemical substances might assist to decrease nervousness and enhance calm.
  • Blue tea’s flavonoids improve and protect the suppleness of the pores and skin. One cup of blue pea tea every day can help in flushing the physique of undigested meals particles, brightening boring complexion and eradicating darkish spots.
  • The blue pea flower has a substance referred to as anthocyanin, which is well-known for selling blood circulation within the head and supporting good scalp operate.

The way to make blue tea?

Making a cup of blue tea solely requires a number of easy components. Merely convey some dried lemongrass and blue pea flower petals to a boil in water for five to 10 minutes. Earlier than meals, combine this natural combination with some honey and serve it heat. You can even drink chilly blue tea after consuming to assist with digestion and encourage sound sleep.

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Blue tea might be loved in numerous methods. Picture courtesy: Adobe inventory

The way to incorporate blue tea into your every day routine?

Blue tea, being caffeine-free, affords a pleasant approach to kickstart your day. It’s a soothing and vibrant different to conventional morning drinks like espresso or common tea. Whether or not you favor it scorching to heat up your mornings or as a calming iced tea for a refreshing really feel, blue tea might be loved in numerous methods.

What are the unwanted effects of consuming blue tea?

Blue tea is usually protected to eat, though it might result in digestive discomfort if consumed in excessive quantities, says Rohilla. Nonetheless, extra analysis is required to validate its results.

Blue tea has numerous well being advantages, and its adaptable qualities make it a implausible complement to your common eating regimen.

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