6 benefits of scalp exfoliation and its side effects too

6 advantages of scalp exfoliation and its unintended effects too

For those who solely use conditioners and serums simply to maintain your hair strands, you should make modifications in your hair care routine. It’s not simply your strands, but additionally your scalp that wants consideration. Go for scalp exfoliation, which is a approach to take away useless pores and skin cells and build-up from the scalp’s floor. Allow us to let you know the advantages of scalp exfoliation, which will help to advertise a more healthy scalp and hair.

What are the advantages of scalp exfoliation?

Washing your hair is one approach to preserve your scalp wholesome. You must also do scalp exfoliation, as it’s useful too.

Woman getting a head masssage
Scalp exfoliation is sweet in your hair well being. Picture Courtesy: Freepik.

Listed here are some advantages of exfoliating the scalp:

1. It removes useless cells

Scalp exfoliation is an efficient method to take away the useless cells, product residue and oil from the scalp. This helps to unclog the hair follicular items, leading to higher absorption of hair care merchandise, says dermatologist and an aesthetic doctor Dr Pallavi Sule.

2. It enhances circulation

Exfoliation will assist to extend blood circulation of the scalp. This helps within the circulate of vitamins and oxygen to the hair. So, hair can develop higher, sooner and more healthy.

3. It prevents scalp situations

If there’s a fungal an infection or any form of scalp situation, it will probably simply be prevented with the assistance of scalp exfoliation. That’s as a result of it reduces dryness and dandruff.

4. It helps with hair progress

Wholesome scalp is understood for selling wholesome hair progress. So, it might assist to take care of hair loss downside.

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5. It improves hair texture

For those who do scalp exfoliation, it should enhance the probabilities of having good hair texture, because it tackles issues like dryness.

6. It helps to soak up merchandise

Clear scalp is essential for efficient absorption of merchandise that we apply on the scalp. So, embody scalp exfoliation in your routine.

Pure methods of scalp exfoliation

You may strive home made scrubs in your scalp!

  • Aloe vera and sea salt scrub: Combine the 2 substances, apply it in your scalp and rinse it off after quarter-hour.
  • Coconut oil, tea tree oil, peppermint oil scrub: Combine coconut oil, peppermint oil, tea tree oil and sugar to to make your home made scalp scrub. Apply it in your scalp, therapeutic massage for a couple of minutes after which rinse it off.

What are the unintended effects of scalp exfoliation?

Whereas scalp exfoliation is wholesome, you shouldn’t go overboard with it. These with an oily scalp can do it biweekly and those with a dry scalp, can go for it as soon as a month, says Dr Sule.

Woman with an itchy scalp
Over-exfoliation can result in scalp irritation. Picture courtesy: Adobe Inventory

For those who do it ceaselessly, you could have to take care of its unintended effects.

1. Scalp irritation

Aggressive or frequent exfoliation can result in scalp irritation. If there may be scalp irritation, you’ll expertise itching or have a burning sensation on the scalp.

2. Dryness

Over-exfoliation can strip the scalp of its pure oils, resulting in dryness and flakiness. This would possibly exacerbate current scalp situations like dandruff or trigger new ones to develop.

3. Elevated sensitivity

Harsh exfoliants or overly vigorous scrubbing could make the scalp extra delicate, inflicting discomfort and making it extra vulnerable to irritation from different hair care merchandise, says the professional.

4. Hair harm

Extreme or tough exfoliation might trigger harm to the hair follicles, resulting in breakage or weakening of the hair strands.

Simply bear in mind, to not over-exfoliate or use harsh chemical substances which may be current within the store-bought scrubs.

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